„Ich bin ein überzeugter und konsequenter Kritiker des Parteien-Parlamentarismus und Anhänger eines Systems, bei dem wahre Volksvertreter unabhängig von ihrer Parteizugehörigkeit gewählt werden.“
Alexander Issajewitsch Solschenizyn, 2007

Freitag, 14. August 2020

Fußnoten zum Freitag

Das Ende des Urlaubs naht. Unerbittlich. Ohne Gnade.
Damit auch das Ende der Blogpause.
Hat also auch wieder etwas Gutes.
Bis dahin noch ein paar Zitate der von Islamisten und Linken inzwischen als islamophobe Rassistin verschrienen Freiheitskämpferin Ayaan Hirsi Ali, die den Sprung von der brutal beschnittenen, unterdrückten und geschlagenen „stolzen Muslima“ zur starken, freien atheistischen westlichen Frau geschafft hat:

Here is something I have learned the hard way, but which a lot of well-meaning people in the West have a hard time accepting: All human beings are equal, but all cultures and religions are not. A culture that celebrates femininity and considers women to be the masters of their own lives is better than a culture that mutilates girls' genitals and confines them behind walls and veils or flogs or stones them for falling in love. A culture that protects women's rights by law is better than a culture in which a man can lawfully have four wives at once and women are denied alimony and half their inheritance. A culture that appoints women to its supreme court is better than a culture that declares that the testimony of a woman is worth half that of a man.“

Islam is not a religion of peace. It's a political theory of conquest that seeks domination by any means it can.“

Many well-meaning Dutch people have told me in all earnestness that nothing in Islamic culture incites abuse of women, that this is just a terrible misunderstanding. Men all over the world beat their women, I am constantly informed. In reality, these Westerners are the ones who misunderstand Islam. The Quran mandates these punishments. It gives a legitimate basis for abuse, so that the perpetrators feel no shame and are not hounded by their conscience or their community. I wanted my art exhibit to make it difficult for people to look away from this problem. I wanted secular, non-Muslim people to stop kidding themselves that "Islam is peace and tolerance."“

Today you have this horrible alliance between the far left and the Islamists and they’re using the modern media tool to shut people like me out by smearing us.“

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